CAFEO 39 Activity Events from 30th November to 2nd December 2021

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December 14, 2021



CAFEO 39 Activity Events from 30th Nov to 2nd Dec

The 39th Conference of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations, after the opening ceremony on 30th Nov, continued to host several noteworthy sessions in the afternoon of 30th Nov and on 1st December. The Women Engineers Summit, led by Chair of CAFEO39 Organising Committee, Ir. Alice Lim, featured several keynote speakers, paper presenters and interesting forum discussion, with the theme “The Untold stories of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, or STEM”.

Yang Berhormat FDr. Ar. Siti Rozaimeriyanty DSLJ Haji Abdul Rahman delivered the first keynote speech with title of her talk on reimagining women’s inclusion in a sustainable digital future. Woman engineers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia featured papers on subjects such as development of women engineering education, woman engineering in sustainable development, closing the gender in STEM, as well as sharing their career development journey admit gender inequality and misconception in male-dominated sector.

Statistics showed that, today, women make up nearly 50% of the total workforce but there are statistically underrepresented in STEM occupations, which are expected to experience rapid growth in the coming decade. With more encouragement, representation, awareness and inclusion, STEM females will eventually match the number of STEM males, ushering in a new era of equality and contribute to the world work force in STEM occupations.

In the same afternoon, the much-anticipated Energy Forum organized by the AFEO Energy Working Group featured insights from experts in ASEAN on the impact and development of sustainable energy and climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Head of Brunei Climate Change Secretariat under the Ministry of Development, Puan Noor Dian Zharina binti Haji Yahya presented paper on Brunei’s Climate Change National Policy. During the Forum, other papers presented such as ASEAN Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities, World Energy Council Role & Responsibilities in APAS and Sustainable Energy and ASEAN Future Fuels Mix towards Cleaner Energy System and Climate Change. Climate change is no longer a catch phrase and sustainable development is no longer an option, but it is a must-have action. Climate change is a major challenge to sustainability. In the context of climate change, changing our energy, transportation and other systems to renewable energy and other new technology is crucial so that they don’t continue and contribute to planet warming.

Other activities of CAFEO39 that have taken place on 1st and 2nd Dec were Young Engineer Dialogue, Country reports by member organisations of AFEO and conference technical papers presentation. All these activities were well received by viewers from ASEAN countries through virtual platform and social media platform such as Youtube.